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Soweto Game Skin started in 2007, and was founded by Lawrence Dhlamini who is an Entrepreneur that did thorough research on his product and competitors. From selling small items of crafted art which he made himself, to selling one or two hides mainly from Nguni cows. Soweto Game Skin grew to greater heights into what it is today by opting for wild animal hides acquired using nature friendly and poach free methods. We value the life of animals as we value the life of our own business and we are fully against the harm of animals.


Our Team

We have on board our;


  • Managing Director (Responsible for sales and marketing)
  • Client Liaison Office
  • Administrator



Our main focus is to target big buyers in order to supply large quantitiesof refurbished hides and skins, mainly for providing nature's beauty and style to sophisticated consumers in African homes with exclusive leather texture and game skins; that provides the ultimate underfoot comfort and interior decor, traditional costumes, leather rugs, as well as African masks and art.


The company, after developing a sound client base, will venture into tanning, cutting, preservation and the conditioning of the acquired hides. This will require machinery which the company will purchase in future, as well as chemicals, vehicles for transportation, and manpower for exporting purposes.



To become Soweto's top business in African Arts and Crafts, and expanding to other parts of the country working hand in hand with South African tourism.